Client Success

When you are passionate about it, work is a lot of fun.  Well, anything is fun when you’re really into it, and great results happen without pushing too much.  As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun!

Our company’s mantra/tagline is “Creating retail excellence”.  Tim, our VP of Marketing, discussed the need to involve clients and get their input in his last blog post.  I would like to talk more about working together with the client.

Recently, I’ve been touring stores and helping them see the value of setting up visual displays.  I connected with Thomas Heinz, one of the UPS stores franchisees in the New Jersey area.  He pointed me to a few stores in his area that were in need of retail assistance.  Upon visiting with store owners I was able to present some of our SupplySide retail options that can help each store maximize their retail space and sales.

The store in New Bergen, NJ had 8 feet of retail space.  With the SupplySide plan-o-grams, I was able to work in 4 feet of office retail space, 4 feet of shipping retail space, and I customized their space to fit their retail needs and budget.  

I worked with the store to help them set up and merchandise their retail cabinets with the SupplySide merchandise they ordered.  I talked them through the merchandise and showed them exactly how to set up their retail cabinets.  Currently, I’m working with a few other stores in the area to create a retail space that fits their needs.  

The week flew by.  This was work meeting fun.  It was nice to connect with so many people and share with them how SupplySide can actually help “create retail excellence”.  

I’m sharing a few pictures.  Please contact me via email at if you would like to know how you can set up your retail space.

Client Success by Schevaun Stinson |