5 Helpful Packaging Tips

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Our job at SupplySide USA is to equip you with the best self-storage experience and help make your move easy. With this goal in mind, SupplySide USA recommends the following tips for packing and organizing your storage units to save time and maximize space.

First and foremost, take a deep, steadying breath and relax. Since there are a lot of belongings that need moving, your first instinct will be just to start packing—don’t! Map out how everything will go into storage before you begin the packing. The first step is to take inventory of everything you need to put away. By following the tips and tricks listed below, you can streamline the entire moving experience.

  1. When starting to pack for storage, you will want to maximize the use of the storage space while protecting your delicate items. Storage units are generally eight feet high, so make sure to utilize the vertical space available.
  2. Group all your frequently-used items, pack them last and place them in the front of your storage unit for easy access.
  3. Create more space by utilizing the available hollow space in large appliances and furniture—just make sure the refrigerator is clean and dried out before packing in there! Dresser drawers are a great place to store things like bedding, clothing or even books. When doing so, remember to leave the drawer a bit open to allow air circulation. By following these self-storage tips, you can avoid clutter and maximize space.
  4. Another way to save space is dismantling furniture and breaking down items with removable legs. Putting blankets or sheets between surfaces can eliminate worry for scratches or damage. Make sure that all bolts and screws are kept in a labeled container so that you can put your furniture back together again!
  5. Placing moisture absorbers, mothballs, and rat bait in your storage space to avoid mold and unwelcome critters in your belongings!

When packing your storage space, it is important to plan.

This involves making sure you have all the right packing materials: locks, tape, markers, boxes, packing supplies, and furniture covers. If you are unsure of how much of each you need, contact SupplySide USA to speak with one of our storage experts. Remember, SupplySide USA offers a wide variety of packing supplies at each of its storage locations so that when you're ready to move, so are we!