Check out our Seasonal Products that we’re getting excited about!

October-December 2018: Christmas Pop-up Greeting Cards

Our Second Nature Pop-up Greeting card display holds a variety of Christmas/Holiday Cards and a spinning racking to display and hang all cards.

Display includes (Cards):

These are not like any other greeting cards but something the recipients can put on display all season long.

Christmas Gift Bags

  • Our Christmas Gift Bags come in four different designs: Reindeer, Snowman Family, Sparkling Tree, and Holiday Chevron.

  • They are made with heavy-duty paper and are embellished with glitter

  • The come in Medium (7.75” x 4.75” x 9.75”) and Large (10.5” x 5.375” x 13”) sizes

  • Made with metallic macrame handles

  • Each handle has a mini gift card attached to it that you can write on

Stop by our website and check out this and all of our other Gift Bag Designs including:

These bags are perfect for any gift you want to give and go perfectly with our Tissue Wrap too!

October 2016: Deco Bubble Mailers

This month the featured product is our Everyday and Holiday Deco Bubble Mailers. These mailers come in three sizes and come in several different designs, including eight brand new ones! They are also lined with Bubble Wrap™ to protect the contents of your mailer. 


The three different sizes are:

  • Small #0: 6" x 10"

  • Medium #2: 8.5" x 12"

  • Large #5: 10.5" x 16"

Our new designs include:

  • Hummingbird

  • Happy Pineapple

  • Social Faces

  • String Wrapped

  • Cinnamon Christmas

  • Mittens

  • Festive Snowman

  • Holiday Fox


Visit our website to buy the Everyday Mailers and the Holiday Mailers.