Increasing Retail Sales


Nowadays, innovation is required to ensure brick-and-mortar stores’ success. In the storage world, a good place to start is establishing oneself as a one-stop shop and having more products on hand. Due to the nature of the business, storage facilities will always be in demand. Such a profitable endeavor can only be more successful with the right tools—or in this case, merchandise.

If you already have the goods, you are at a much higher advantage than the self-storage facility that does not. Sometimes, customers do not know they need something unless it is in front of them. In the chaos of packing, transporting, and unpacking items, it is easy to miss a few details. Overlooking whether tape and bubble wrap were packed into their car should not be the customers’ concern, but forgetting them can be an issue once they arrive at their storage unit. That is where having readily accessible merchandise comes into play. It is as simple as letting customers know before they even arrive at their storage unit—a sign outside your store that says, “We Sell Boxes!” does the trick. On an operational note, even asking the customer whether they need boxes or packaging is highly suggested. Providing necessary items gives the customer a sense of security and relief that allows them to continue storing their packages with ease. By having convenient retail handy, your facility becomes the go-to service for the customers’ future storage visits.

Another way to increase retail sales is to have your brand present inside your store. Imagine your company’s name popping into the customer’s head when they think of moving or storing their items. Selling your branded products lends the image of efficiency, expediency, and sophistication in a manner that few other viable avenues can than having a box with your logo. Making your logo synonymous with self-storage is an achievable goal! With the right tools and placing the logo on products, competing with larger, corporate-owned businesses becomes more manageable.

In a similar vein, undoubtedly the most “right” tool is the lock. Even if a storage owner believes they do not need merchandise, they should certainly have locks convenient for purchase. Disc, cylinder, laminated or brass padlock, whatever your facility uses, make sure you don’t make the customer trek down to the nearest hardware store to search for it.

Customer Satisfaction is always the end goal. By providing tape, boxes, foam peanuts, rubber balls, mattress covers, newsprint, and locks, you show the customer that you have predicted their needs and have the desired commodities in stock. You don't need a crystal ball to forecast what a client will require to increase your profitability. By understanding this special relationship between sales and demand, making your company the customer's first choice storage facility is possible. In stocking up on highly needed items, you advance the company's image, generate the most profit, and boost your bottom line.